How to make your golf course more inclusive

At First Tee – Québec, we value inclusivity and acceptance. There are many impactful ways you can make your golf course a more inclusive environment to everyone that visits.  

Offer diverse programming 

Provide a variety of programs or events for different ages, skill levels, and backgrounds. This includes golf programming for youth from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, specific tee times throughout the week for beginners, and encouraging women’s participation through women’s leagues or tournaments.  

Get involved with your community 

Build connections with local schools, community groups and organizations nearby to promote golf. This helps introduce golf and encourages participation among a range of individuals – from youth to retired folks who may have not thought of golf as a sport for them.  

Provide accessible facilities  

To ensure that everyone feels welcomed and accommodated at your course, restrooms, parking and walkways should be accessible to individuals of all abilities. Many courses also have gender neutral washrooms available.  

Educate your staff 

Provide education on diversity and inclusion to ensure that everyone feels respected and valued when they visit your course. At First Tee – Québec, we require all staff, coaches and volunteers to complete the Respect Group training program, as well as upholding Safe Sport Policies.  

Provide affordable options 

Financial barriers should never stand in the way of enjoying the game. Offering equipment rentals, affordable lessons, and special membership packages such as family rates or student rates are all options that can contribute to a more inclusive course.  

Promote diversity  

Highlight a diverse range of golfers, coaches, and staff at your course and through your online channels. In addition, think of ways your course can celebrate or acknowledge days of diversity such as pride month. 

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